Still Manufacturing / Delivering - Montrose Service Announcement - January 2021

Montrose Production - Continues during New Lock-Down

Firstly we want to take the opportunity of wishing all of our dealers & customers a Very Happy New Year, we fully understand it might not be perceived as the best of starts but we must all remain hopeful, that things will get better as 2021 progresses.

Having looked carefully at the new government guidance & business sectors which are being asked to shut-down, we have decided that at this time the plan for Montrose once again, is to continue manufacturing / delivering our products as scheduled.

It is our intention to support the efforts of our customers & the government, in keeping our sector of the economy operating, we feel that with the Covid-19 safe measures implemented within the business since the previous lock-downs, we are still in a position to do this whilst also ensuring the safety of our staff.

From early discussions with our retail & trade customers, it would appear many are going to continue accepting deliveries, undertaking installations & operate sales on a remote basis, we understand that ‘moving house' will still be allowed during the new restrictions & that removal firms, estate agents and tradespeople can continue to work but must follow Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Related to this we feel that it is right to provide continued support to our customers in the building, construction & housing refurbishment sector, during this already difficult time. Obviously our position will be subject to on-going review, as we are also dependent upon both the business levels received remaining economically viable & the safety of our staff being maintained but are hopeful that this can be achieved.

We hope this information assists you, however should there be any

questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via
telephone: 01276 476800 or email: we’ll be pleased to assist.

As always we thank you for your continued support of the Montrose brand and equally importantly, hope that you & your families continue to stay safe & well in the coming weeks, likewise we offer our sympathies to any of you who have been or continue to be directly impacted by the effects of this terrible virus.