New Brochure Concept & More New Products

Our current brochure style & layout has been with us in various forms since 2008, so we feel its time to freshen things up a little!

We are pleased to annouce that Montrose's new brochure will be arriving shortly, providing a fresh new look in terms of presentation & lots of new finishes / products.

The main aim of our new brochure concept, is to lessen the dominance of images to specific doorstyles, to categorise images into three definitive furniture installation layouts & to provide an easier selection process, for those who want more input into their refurbishment choices.

So in the new brochure you will find:

  • A step by step guide to planning & choosing bathroom furniture
  • A door styles section - one page per door style
  • In-line FITTED (fitted furniture) - gallery of images - mixed door styles
  • In-line MODULAR (modular furniture) - gallery of images - mixed door styles
  • Stand Alone (modular furniture) - gallery of images - mixed door styles
  • Quick reference guide - to furniture units

We have also made the retail price list easier to use, with all similar unit / worktop types in the same place, rather than being divide into different price list locations.

Our aim was simple, to make the new brochure & price list more user friendly, while highlighting the diverse range of options that Montrose Furniture has to offer.

For further information please complete & send the Contact Form, copies of the new brochure will be available to order via the website very shortly.